Welcome to our Mediterranean Style Meze & Restaurant Bar 
Please enjoy our dishes with good friends and company to be shared around the table 

M  E  Z  Z  E  T O  S T A R T
Toursi, Pickled Vegetables (v, gf) 8
Local mixed Olives (v, gf) 10
Potatoes fried, wild oregano salt (v, gf) 12 
Dolmades, vine leaves, rice & herbs (v,gf) 13
Saganaki w. Georgies peppered wild figs (v) 19
Ouzo cured salmon, horseradish cream 22

Cauliflower Popcorn. chilli aioli (v) 18
Mr. Bartollo’s Chorizo Bravas, chilli aioli 18
Gigantes, roasted beans, herbs, feta  18  
Mix Dips, pita bread 21
tarama, smoky eggplant, chickpea
Pasta for Sofia (aglio e olio(v) – changes hourly)   from 19

S A L A D S   A N D  V E G E T A B L E S
Chargrilled Greens w. hazelnuts and feta (v, gf) 18
Eleni’s Vegan Dish (ask us- changes hourly)  from 21
Roasted Eggplant Balls, tomato sugo, yoghurt (v).  24
Cabbage Slaw, peas, radish mint, cheese (v, gf) 18
Classic Greek Salad (v, gf)  18
Cucumber Chilli Salad (v, gf)    14

G R I L L E D S E A F O O D 
Calamari (gf) 18
Turkish Chilli Prawns (gf) 2/4/6 pieces 18/36/54
Octopus Tentacle (gf) 21
Wild Barramundi fillets (pan fried, gf)   24
Whole Fish (ask us - changes hourly)  from 28

G R I L L E D M E A T 
Quail off the grill 2/4/6 pieces 16/32/48
Marinated Free Range Chicken (gf) 24
Pork Neck Kontosouvli (gf) 26
Lamb Cutlets Paidakia (gf) 2/4/6 pieces     16/32/48
Mick’s Grill (gf) 2 cutlets, chicken, pork w. chips      39
Grilled Meat Plate for 2 (gf) 4 cutlets,2 chicken,2 pork 56
               ....for 3 84

D E S S E R T S 
Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

S P A R K L I N G 
 2019 Val D’Oca Prosecco TREVISO IT 12/60 

R O S E 
 2021 Four Winds Rose NSW 14/70 

W H I T E W I N E 
 2019 Tenuta Maccan Pinot Grigio VENEZIA IT 13/65 
 2018 Mt Vernon Sauv. Blanc MARLBOROUGH NZ 13/65 
 2019 Ribeauville Riesling ALSACE FR 14/70 
 2018 J-M Brocard Petit Chablis BURGUNDY FR 15/75 
 2020 Poconero Falanghina CAMPAGNA IT 70 

 2019 Paxton Tempranillo MCLAREN VALE 13/65 
 2016 Six Acres Pinot Noir YARRA VALLEY 14/70 
 2018 Tenuta Montepulciano D’ABRUZZO IT 14/70 
 2017 Fat Sparrow Shiraz HEATHCOTE 14/70
 2018 Ferraro Barbera ALPINE VALLEY 65 
 2018 Giammarino Cab Sauv YARRA VALLEY 70 
 2021 La Senda Mencia BIERZO ESP 75 
 2016 Lucien Muzard Pinot Noir BURGUNDY FR. 75 
 2018 Viberti Giovanni Nebbiolo LANGHE IT. 75

B E E R S 
 Brick Lane Draught 8/15 
 Brick Lane One Love Pale Ale 8/15 
 Mythos Lager GR 9 
 Peroni Red Lager IT 9

C L A S S I C C O C K T A I LS   21

N E G R O N I 
Boozers everywhere have made this a favourite since its creation in 1919. Gin, Antica Formula Vermouth, Campari. 
M A R T I N I 
As you please ladies and gents. 
O L D F A S H I O N 
This infamous cocktail has been trickling over tongues like angel tears since the late 1800’s. Bourbon, Sugar Syrup, Bitters 
M A N H A T T A N 
Sharp, sweet and lingering. This classic number is ideal for an after-dinner sipper. American Rye Whiskey, Antica Vermouth, Bitters. 
S O U R 
A sour is a tantalising beverage to wet your whistle. Whiskey/Amaretto, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Egg WhitE